Logo designed by Ali Subbert for Wildwood Assisted Living in St. Cloud, MN.


Above is a link to a Brochure that I designed for the same Wildwood Assited Living in St. Cloud, MN. They wanted a word template that could be easily edited by their staff.

Crisis Communication

Above is the link of a Crisis Communication plan for Wildwood to follow in case of a crisis situation. It is a general outline of different guidelines you can use when dealing with media and the people involved.

Above is a sample of a Logo project that I completed that pay homage to the classic Old Hollywood style. This piece was created in Adobe After Effects.

Motion Graphic that reveals either text or a logo. The colors and background can be changed based upon usage. Music can also be added if wanted. This graphic was created using Adobe After Effects.

Training video for TPI Hospitality. Edited using Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, and Adobe Audition.