With the Oscars occurring last night there is plenty to talk about.

Leo finally wins, the storm of awards that Mad Max: Fury Road took home, and more.

The coolest part of the whole things though was the amount of problems that were recognized and talked about.

Global warming was briefly brought to attention during Leo’s speech, as well as the better treatment of indigenous people. Throughout history the mistreatment of the indigenous has been a huge and apparent problem. I commend Leo for using that valuable time to touch on issues that he is supporting.

Lady Gaga took the stage after being introduced by Vice President Joe Biden. Biden gave an inspirational message to all those fighting the battle against sexual assault. As a 20 something girl who lives on a college campus, having the Vice President recognize the problem is reassuring and eye opening to how large the problem has become.

Lady Gaga then inspires through her music, her story, and her message. If you’re unaware Lady Gage is a victim of sexual assault herself, and you can hear he pain and experience through her music. She inspires by speaking out, and last night used her time to allow other survivors to speak out. Plus how amazing was it to see Brie Larson hug each and every survivor as they left the stage? Gaga left mostly everyone in tears and raised awareness for an increasing problem in our country.

I think that the most talked about and controversial subject discussed last night was the issue of race. I can’t imagine being Chris Rock, having to go into the Oscars with pressures to quit and back lash from so many people. However, Rock handled himself with dignity but never failed to continue being the comedian that he is. In my opinion the greatest thing Chris Rock did was ask for opportunity, how can people flourish if they are denied opportunity? Rock really worked to bring attention to the racism of Hollywood, and called for a change.

Even Cheryl Boone Issacs gave a speech about the lack of diversity and the hopeful changes that would be coming to the Oscars soon.

The first step of fixing a problem is recognizing there is one, I believe the Oscars last night used their global platform to recognize an abundance of problems and get people talking.

Congratulations to all the winners last night, you’re awards were well deserved, and here’s to solving the problems that were put out in the open last night!


Dating Life As A Woman

There is something that has been on my mind lately that I feel like sharing. I recently watched this video:

It’s funny and you can laugh at it, but it’s also a harsh truth. My freshman year of college I had a friend who went on several tinder dates, and before every one of those this was our routine. She would write down the address on a sticky note and tell me if she texted me such and such to call the police. Why is it that woman have to plan all the way to calling the cops?

Befo re coming to college I thought women over exaggerated these things as much as they could, I would think really you’re going to get murdered on a first date? However, I have learned that the reality of it is things like that happen ALL THE TIME. Granted it’s not always as extreme as murder, but there are other horrible things that occur.

Now, maybe you could say women plan for the worst but expect the best? However, if it boils down to that then shouldn’t all women also have an apocalypse shelter ready, but be thankful that we’re not fighting zombies everyday? No matter what I’ve tried to pinpoint these planning techniques to, I’ve come to realize that women don’t necessarily want to have to do this, but the society around us has made it a necessity to.

I’ve realized that advertisements, films, books, television, etc. highlight a certain way of treating women that then translates into our society. Society has portrayed women as objects that want to be dominated, and that is what they’re now treated like.

Woman Absord by Perdo Ribeiro Simoes. https://www.flickr.com/photos/pedrosimoes7/14686234921/in/photolist-onLMYV-gGQQE3-6NyrQf-kVBKKF-7cP3XV-4FPeYP-4FPqRr-nF8oL5-3LyLx-AhMM9q-5EHVa3-oWkBKr-crz4ob-khvhQF-r3vbC3-8zpC5F-snXcW3-e4JUUn-8ALjYx-qceamX-M9BHJ-xjpz6Q-4fe2N7-eeAr6J-4FTtz7-atyf1q-mLqnRN-rdGQXY-7QkZL6-frVCbZ-4FPina-qGDf4w-SedSi-fMNYMT-uanuSD-p8WEx3-pMXZvK-kWrgvt-xnjfg1-ipjGKU-adMi1b-5U5bGG-rePacd-jmJWsd-ypCZDh-ALAqjN-g7vPuG-p834kU-5aeAQe-5qhBvS
Woman Absord by Perdo Ribeiro Simoes. https://www.flickr.com/photos/pedrosimoes7/14686234921/in/photolist-onLMYV-gGQQE3-6NyrQf-kVBKKF-7cP3XV-4FPeYP-4FPqRr-nF8oL5-3LyLx-AhMM9q-5EHVa3-oWkBKr-crz4ob-khvhQF-r3vbC3-8zpC5F-snXcW3-e4JUUn-8ALjYx-qceamX-M9BHJ-xjpz6Q-4fe2N7-eeAr6J-4FTtz7-atyf1q-mLqnRN-rdGQXY-7QkZL6-frVCbZ-4FPina-qGDf4w-SedSi-fMNYMT-uanuSD-p8WEx3-pMXZvK-kWrgvt-xnjfg1-ipjGKU-adMi1b-5U5bGG-rePacd-jmJWsd-ypCZDh-ALAqjN-g7vPuG-p834kU-5aeAQe-5qhBvS

Women must worry about unwanted advances and actions. It almost seems as if women have been made out as something to be hunted and won, and when a woman chooses to be indifferent towards someone it does not become, “Oh, maybe I should back down”, but it becomes a greater challenge to conquer.

Also, women’s insecurities are broadcasted everywhere! The people who desire to dominate women gain access to this power easily, as all they must do is look in the media to learn how to make a woman feel small.

So what can we do?

There are people who will tell women to “become tougher” through self-defense and violence. There are others who will say just to blend in, don’t be yourself in fear of sticking out. Well these solutions are complete and utter bs. I say that women as a whole need to work together to advance society in the right direction!

Positive steps taken so far are the body appreciation movement, if society can acknowledge beauty in all body types, then no one can use body image as a power weapon.  Seeing more women in positions of power is excellent too! Did you know as of right now women are 33% more likely to earn a college degree than men? Ladies, get out there educate yourselves and show people how successful we can be! Also coming together to support victims of horrible actions shows the bond between women, and at the end of the day that we are not responsible for power hungry and vicious acts.

Women have come a long way, and we have a ways to go, but success along the way means banding together.

I’ll leave you with this quote from Jurassic Park:

“God creates dinosaur. God destroys dinosaur. God creates man. Man destroys God. Man creates dinosaur.”

“Dinosaur eats Man. Woman inherits the world.” ūüėČ

Thank You Coffee…

Thank you coffee…

For always keeping me going.

For always helping me achieve that morning poop.

For getting me through all night study sessions.

For giving me a first date idea.

For stealing all my munch money.

For helping me stay awake for that three hour night class.

For making feel like I can be productive.

For making me feel like an adult.

For being a delicious beverage!



Being Friends With Your Co-Workers

I have been fortunate enough to work at a few places where I am friends with my co-workers. What does that mean exactly? Being friends with your co-workers? It sounds a little lame, but when you think about it these are the people that you spend 40 hours a week with, why wouldn’t you be friends with them?

When I go to work at¬†Subway it feels more like play. Sure we have to do our duties, and that isn’t the most fun ever, but it doesn’t even feel like work when you have people to talk to and laugh with. Being friends with your co-workers allows you to go to work and have fun! You know that you have to get stuff done when you’re there, but why not choose to do it and have a good time? As long as you’re getting your work done I see no harm in having a little fun.

Once you get the energy of having fun while working it rubs off on the people you are working for too. People start to notice that your business has a friendly and enticing vibe. If you’re in customer service, this energy translates easy to the customers who leave happier. If you work in sales, people are more likely to buy from someone that leaves them with a good feeling. Customers are more likely to leave a good review and come back to a place that has good and friendly staff. Also networking with in your own work place may get you noticed quicker by higher ups, which could lead to things like raises and promotions.

It’s¬†not crazy difficult to become friends with your co-workers either. Granted there are some people you just won’t click with, and others that don’t want those types of relationships at work, and there is nothing wrong with that. However, if you find common interests with your co-workers you can find things to go do together. I personally think this is beneficial to both your and the customers experience with the company. I mean if you had the option to actually enjoy your job more wouldn’t you take it?

My Small Town Experience

I grew up in Fairmont, Minnesota a small town 10 miles away from the Iowa border with a population of 10,000 people.  Now this may seem like a large number, but really you could bike across the town in 15 minutes. Growing up in a small town provided me with many pros and cons.



A beautiful part about growing up in a small town is the fact that I could go outside and play whenever I wanted. I could walk to a friend’s house at anytime of the day and for the most part not worry about my surroundings. My siblings and I could go play at a park just the three of us. I could go for a run at night without too much worry. A good side of being in a small town is that you really never had to worry about bad things happening, once in awhile they do, but rarely.

Knowing Your Classmates

Growing up in a small town I knew all 130 of the people in my grade. Granted there were probably one or two that I didn’t, but for the most part I did. Why is this a pro? You get to know different types of people and you don’t have to worry about going to a class and being alone during a group project, or not knowing anyone when you walk down the hall. It also is a cool feeling when you walk across the graduation stage to know that everyone knows of you.


Another great part about growing up where I did is the fact that I always had family around me. Most of my Dad’s family lives in the same small town so it is nice to have people who love you all around. Plus they can help with renovating, giving rides, holidays, etc.


If someone from your small town is doing great things, you pretty much have the whole town backing you. When someone becomes successful that grew up around our small town it’s a big deal and nearly everyone is a proud supporter. You also get the opportunity to support local business and companies when you live in a small town. People you know start up their own business you get the opportunity to be their customer which is really a cool thing.

Everybody Knows Everybody

There is an element of fun when you go to¬†the grocery store and see people you know. This happens not only at the grocery store, but nearly every where you go. No matter where we would go out to eat people would stop my parents and talk to them for a good twenty minutes. Also when you come back to your old town you run into friends you haven’t seen in forever without ever planning it!


Everybody Knows Everybody

When you live in a small town and everybody knows one another, they also know one another’s business. In a small town things barely anything stays private. If something happens that you aren’t so proud of you better get used to hearing people whisper as you walk by. You better get used to people having preconceived notions about you without really knowing you. You also better get used to hearing gossip that you may or may not want to know, and let me tell you it travels fast.

Lack of Diversity

In my high school graduating class we had one Asian American, one African American, and four Latino Americans, in a class of 130 people. In a majority of small towns that is how it is whether it be¬†Caucasians, African Americans, Native Americans, Asian¬†Americans, Latino Americans, etc. People in small towns don’t receive access¬† to a lot of diversity and sadly there are times that this may result in ignorance. How can you know something if you’ve never been exposed to it? Living in a larger city for two years now I have learned things about different cultures, religions, ethnicities, food, etc. that I didn’t even know about in my eighteen years of living in a small town.

It’s Hard to Leave

When you grow up in a small town, it’s like you’re attached there. Granted I am attached there because that is where my parents live, and so I will constantly be there to see them, but it really is hard to leave. I have dreams of living in a big city, whether that be for life or just a little while, I do. I want to go to New York or California, somewhere different. What surprises me is the reaction I get whenever I talk about this. I have gotten several different reactions, but there is always a common theme. It seems that majority of people think I’m crazy for wanting to leave this area. People think it’s odd that I would want to go more than two hours away. Granted people are excited to see me try everyone seems to think I will be back before I have even left.

What Should We Do?

Boredom is a common tread among us small town people. There is very little entertainment offered. You could go see a movie at the movie theatre, you can go out to eat, if there is a show at our Opera House you could see it, sometimes the schools or hotels host events, but really that’s it. When you get together with friends the common question of what is there to do always comes up. That is one reason I love the city so much is because there is always something going on, never a dull moment. However, I can see why some people enjoy the quiet of the small town as well.

Overall my experiences with my small town have neither made my hate it nor love it. I keep going back because the people I love and my memories are there. That has been my experience with a small town thus far, what is yours like?

Better Yourself Through Boredom

What do you do when you’re bored? Netflix? Find some food?

Those things are great, in fact they’re awesome, and I’ve done my fair share of participating in those activities. Would I be wrong though if I said after awhile they become rather mundane?

I want to give you great alternative ideas for those days when you have absolutely nothing to do with your life.


Try exploring and innovating! Make efforts to do things that you “never” get the chance to do. I will provide you with some personal examples of ways I have done these things!

The other day I decided I wanted to watch National Treasure when I was bored. After I had finished this movie it got me thinking is there really buried treasure that still exists in the world? With all the things you can find on the internet now days I used it to my advantage. I googled buried treasure around the world, and I found some awesome things! I found more than I ever expected to, I read about all these treasures and the ones that specifically interested me I invested more time in. Here is a list of some treasures I read about. My point of this is use your curiosity to entertain yourself, you’ll be surprised about the things you will find!

flickr- http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3587/3798953386_e65207b12b.jpg
flickr- http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3587/3798953386_e65207b12b.jpg

Another way to entertain yourself is by teaching yourself a new skill. This can be useful to you in more ways than just curing your boredom. Some personal examples I have include teaching myself to play the piano, speak French, and “hack” computers. On the rare occasion that I come across free time I find myself bored and thus I like to learn something new.

For example, I wanted to become more familiar with computers, code, and the idea of “hacking” after I watched movies involving these things and so I did it! I watched YouTube tutorials and used a beginner program online to learn more about how to operate and direct a computer. I now know how to hack passwords, how to get into a locked computer, and how to get into a Facebook. Granted I¬†don’t really use these things on a daily basis, but they will become helpful if I ever lock myself out of something!

Teaching myself French is something I am currently doing when I find myself bored. I literally think of basic phrases I would need/like to say and plug them into google translate. I then repeat the audio I hear and pick up on common verb trends and words. Granted this is not the most productive way to learn a language, but¬†it’s simple and easy and provides me with something to do! Plus think of how useful this skill could be to me one day, and it was literally something I decided to do for fun!

google translate
google translate

One of the biggest skills I’ve picked up from innovating in my boredom is playing the piano. Last year was my first year at college, and I found myself with a lot more free time than I thought I would have. At first I spent most of that free time binge watching tv series. I then realized that I felt useless and lifeless, I wanted to do something that would profit me at least a little. I had always wanted to learn to play the piano, and with my music background I figured I stood a chance. One day I went to the piano sat down learned the placement of each key and went to YouTube where I watched a tutorial on how to play Stay by Rihanna and I learned it! Now I can play like I’ve been doing it since I was three! All¬†it takes is watching a tutorial and then I know a new song and new chords!

Overall I encourage you to realize the potential that your boredom can bring! I’m not saying you should stop binge watching and eating all together, but I am saying imagine what you could discover and learn if you decide to spend an hour doing something a little different. Go ahead use that time to better yourself, I dare you ūüėČ

Adobe Dreamweaver

What is it?

Adobe Dreamweaver is a very popular web development tool from Adobe. It is a what you see is what you get software program. It utilizes html, c#, css, vb, asp, xml, and more. It offers power and flexibility for both web designers and developers. It is used to create websites for use among multiple targets.

This work is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution- Sharealike 4.0 International License. http://appnee.com/adobe-dreamweaver-cc-2014-portable-download/
This work is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution- Sharealike 4.0 International License. http://appnee.com/adobe-dreamweaver-cc-2014-portable-download/

Why should you care?

Adobe Dreamweaver is becoming an asset on the global scale as it is offered in many different languages, and it allows for more complex webdesign. Also since Dreamweaver has paired with Adobe users are now able to utilize tools like Photoshop when creating their websites.

Adobe Dreamweaver also offers helpful tools in the making of websites. An example of this would be the three different views it offers. It allows a user to view just the code, to view just the design, or to view them both together. This allows users to produce changes quickly and easily, which in today’s society efficiency and speed are everything.

Text Editors

A text editor is system or program that is used to change configuration files, documentation files, and programming language source code (ie. edit the text).

Textwrangler is a type of text editor that includes web authoring capabilities and software development tools.

These tools include;

  • General Purpose tool
  • Programmer’s tool
  • Unix and Server Administration’s tool
  • Powerful text transformer and manipulator
  • Good MAC OS citizen
  • Powerfully useful tool

Information on textwrangler obtained here.

Sublime is a type of text editor that supports programming and markup languages. It is community built and under free software license.

It offers features such as;

  • Auto completion
  • Snippets
  • Goto anything
  • In-editor code building
  • High contrast display
  • Syntax highlight
  • Column selection
  • Multi-select editing

Overall Adobe Dreamweaver uses basic text editing, but you could utilize a program listed above. Adobe Dreamweaver requires you to play around with it a bit before you really get the hang of it, but it produces a great product that you won’t be disappointed with. Take the beginners steps by following the tutorial below!


WordPress is an open source project, that has people from all over the world working on it! It provides access to plugins, widgets, and themes. It also has benefits such as; plans, domains, anti-spam, and hosting partnerships. All of these things you get for free! They provide such a wide variety of items you can use for free, and they also offer an opportunity to upgrade and pay to make the site more of what you are looking for. There is no license fee, you can run your site how you wish, you can study and change your site, you can share it, and it only takes seconds to set up!

www.wordpress.com Screenshot of home page.
http://www.wordpress.com Screenshot of home page.

No wonder that nearly 20 percent of all websites are WordPress. WordPress utilizes a content management system(cms), which is a computer application that helps to manage the content of a website. There are basically two elements that allow it to manage the content and those are content management application(cma) and content delivery application(cda). CMA allows you to operate your website without extensive knowledge on html and etc. You can do things like publish, edit, organize, modify, and delete. CDA uses and complies updated information to your site. Basically CMS allows people to build a website without having to learn the language of html.

Let’s talk about wordpress.com vs wordpress.org. What’s the difference ranyways? With wordpress.org you get; cms software for free, your own hosting company and domain, you have full control of your website, and there is a forum to ask questions. With wordpress.com you get; to run your site for free with minor limitations, you have the choice to pay and upgrade, you have a hosting partnership, you receive top spam-fighting, and also have a forum for questions. I personally think that both are good and there separate success proves that, but at the end of the day I think it comes down to personal preference.

To create a WordPress.com website you simply go to the website, and follow the easy steps to creating a new website. You can’t miss the steps and it only takes a few seconds!