With the Oscars occurring last night there is plenty to talk about.

Leo finally wins, the storm of awards that Mad Max: Fury Road took home, and more.

The coolest part of the whole things though was the amount of problems that were recognized and talked about.

Global warming was briefly brought to attention during Leo’s speech, as well as the better treatment of indigenous people. Throughout history the mistreatment of the indigenous has been a huge and apparent problem. I commend Leo for using that valuable time to touch on issues that he is supporting.

Lady Gaga took the stage after being introduced by Vice President Joe Biden. Biden gave an inspirational message to all those fighting the battle against sexual assault. As a 20 something girl who lives on a college campus, having the Vice President recognize the problem is reassuring and eye opening to how large the problem has become.

Lady Gaga then inspires through her music, her story, and her message. If you’re unaware Lady Gage is a victim of sexual assault herself, and you can hear he pain and experience through her music. She inspires by speaking out, and last night used her time to allow other survivors to speak out. Plus how amazing was it to see Brie Larson hug each and every survivor as they left the stage? Gaga left mostly everyone in tears and raised awareness for an increasing problem in our country.

I think that the most talked about and controversial subject discussed last night was the issue of race. I can’t imagine being Chris Rock, having to go into the Oscars with pressures to quit and back lash from so many people. However, Rock handled himself with dignity but never failed to continue being the comedian that he is. In my opinion the greatest thing Chris Rock did was ask for opportunity, how can people flourish if they are denied opportunity? Rock really worked to bring attention to the racism of Hollywood, and called for a change.

Even Cheryl Boone Issacs gave a speech about the lack of diversity and the hopeful changes that would be coming to the Oscars soon.

The first step of fixing a problem is recognizing there is one, I believe the Oscars last night used their global platform to recognize an abundance of problems and get people talking.

Congratulations to all the winners last night, you’re awards were well deserved, and here’s to solving the problems that were put out in the open last night!


Being Friends With Your Co-Workers

I have been fortunate enough to work at a few places where I am friends with my co-workers. What does that mean exactly? Being friends with your co-workers? It sounds a little lame, but when you think about it these are the people that you spend 40 hours a week with, why wouldn’t you be friends with them?

When I go to work at Subway it feels more like play. Sure we have to do our duties, and that isn’t the most fun ever, but it doesn’t even feel like work when you have people to talk to and laugh with. Being friends with your co-workers allows you to go to work and have fun! You know that you have to get stuff done when you’re there, but why not choose to do it and have a good time? As long as you’re getting your work done I see no harm in having a little fun.

Once you get the energy of having fun while working it rubs off on the people you are working for too. People start to notice that your business has a friendly and enticing vibe. If you’re in customer service, this energy translates easy to the customers who leave happier. If you work in sales, people are more likely to buy from someone that leaves them with a good feeling. Customers are more likely to leave a good review and come back to a place that has good and friendly staff. Also networking with in your own work place may get you noticed quicker by higher ups, which could lead to things like raises and promotions.

It’s not crazy difficult to become friends with your co-workers either. Granted there are some people you just won’t click with, and others that don’t want those types of relationships at work, and there is nothing wrong with that. However, if you find common interests with your co-workers you can find things to go do together. I personally think this is beneficial to both your and the customers experience with the company. I mean if you had the option to actually enjoy your job more wouldn’t you take it?