Adobe Dreamweaver

What is it?

Adobe Dreamweaver is a very popular web development tool from Adobe. It is a what you see is what you get software program. It utilizes html, c#, css, vb, asp, xml, and more. It offers power and flexibility for both web designers and developers. It is used to create websites for use among multiple targets.

This work is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution- Sharealike 4.0 International License.
This work is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution- Sharealike 4.0 International License.

Why should you care?

Adobe Dreamweaver is becoming an asset on the global scale as it is offered in many different languages, and it allows for more complex webdesign. Also since Dreamweaver has paired with Adobe users are now able to utilize tools like Photoshop when creating their websites.

Adobe Dreamweaver also offers helpful tools in the making of websites. An example of this would be the three different views it offers. It allows a user to view just the code, to view just the design, or to view them both together. This allows users to produce changes quickly and easily, which in today’s society efficiency and speed are everything.

Text Editors

A text editor is system or program that is used to change configuration files, documentation files, and programming language source code (ie. edit the text).

Textwrangler is a type of text editor that includes web authoring capabilities and software development tools.

These tools include;

  • General Purpose tool
  • Programmer’s tool
  • Unix and Server Administration’s tool
  • Powerful text transformer and manipulator
  • Good MAC OS citizen
  • Powerfully useful tool

Information on textwrangler obtained here.

Sublime is a type of text editor that supports programming and markup languages. It is community built and under free software license.

It offers features such as;

  • Auto completion
  • Snippets
  • Goto anything
  • In-editor code building
  • High contrast display
  • Syntax highlight
  • Column selection
  • Multi-select editing

Overall Adobe Dreamweaver uses basic text editing, but you could utilize a program listed above. Adobe Dreamweaver requires you to play around with it a bit before you really get the hang of it, but it produces a great product that you won’t be disappointed with. Take the beginners steps by following the tutorial below!