Dating Life As A Woman

There is something that has been on my mind lately that I feel like sharing. I recently watched this video:

It’s funny and you can laugh at it, but it’s also a harsh truth. My freshman year of college I had a friend who went on several tinder dates, and before every one of those this was our routine. She would write down the address on a sticky note and tell me if she texted me such and such to call the police. Why is it that woman have to plan all the way to calling the cops?

Befo re coming to college I thought women over exaggerated these things as much as they could, I would think really you’re going to get murdered on a first date? However, I have learned that the reality of it is things like that happen ALL THE TIME. Granted it’s not always as extreme as murder, but there are other horrible things that occur.

Now, maybe you could say women plan for the worst but expect the best? However, if it boils down to that then shouldn’t all women also have an apocalypse shelter ready, but be thankful that we’re not fighting zombies everyday? No matter what I’ve tried to pinpoint these planning techniques to, I’ve come to realize that women don’t necessarily want to have to do this, but the society around us has made it a necessity to.

I’ve realized that advertisements, films, books, television, etc. highlight a certain way of treating women that then translates into our society. Society has portrayed women as objects that want to be dominated, and that is what they’re now treated like.

Woman Absord by Perdo Ribeiro Simoes.
Woman Absord by Perdo Ribeiro Simoes.

Women must worry about unwanted advances and actions. It almost seems as if women have been made out as something to be hunted and won, and when a woman chooses to be indifferent towards someone it does not become, “Oh, maybe I should back down”, but it becomes a greater challenge to conquer.

Also, women’s insecurities are broadcasted everywhere! The people who desire to dominate women gain access to this power easily, as all they must do is look in the media to learn how to make a woman feel small.

So what can we do?

There are people who will tell women to “become tougher” through self-defense and violence. There are others who will say just to blend in, don’t be yourself in fear of sticking out. Well these solutions are complete and utter bs. I say that women as a whole need to work together to advance society in the right direction!

Positive steps taken so far are the body appreciation movement, if society can acknowledge beauty in all body types, then no one can use body image as a power weapon.  Seeing more women in positions of power is excellent too! Did you know as of right now women are 33% more likely to earn a college degree than men? Ladies, get out there educate yourselves and show people how successful we can be! Also coming together to support victims of horrible actions shows the bond between women, and at the end of the day that we are not responsible for power hungry and vicious acts.

Women have come a long way, and we have a ways to go, but success along the way means banding together.

I’ll leave you with this quote from Jurassic Park:

“God creates dinosaur. God destroys dinosaur. God creates man. Man destroys God. Man creates dinosaur.”

“Dinosaur eats Man. Woman inherits the world.” 😉