The Experience Needed to Qualify as an Older Sister

Have you always wanted to be an older sister? Well you need the proper experience and qualifications first! Here is what you need experience in;

Being a Body Guard creative commons license creative commons license

To be an older sister you need to know that it’s okay for you to pick on and tease your younger siblings, but the moment that anyone else even looks at them they wrong way your mama bear better come out. You must protect them with all you’ve got.

Being a Nurse

635892879514246812-344513506_d1f38e3582b4f3526a5c894245d3a178Being an older sister you encourage your younger siblings to try a lot of things. For instance doing a cool jump off the swing, and when they fall you must fix them up so they don’t tell mom on you. You learn how to fix every booboo they come across, most of the time 😉

Being a Teacher

As an older sister you must teach your younger siblings all the things they can’t learn from your parents. You must teach them how to fake sick, how to talk to boys/girls, and much more. It is your responsibility to make sure they know everything that they need to know.

Being a Therapist

As an older sister you must listen to the problems of  your younger siblings and provide five star worthy advice. You are there to lend a listening ear to them and help them through whatever life has thrown at them.

Being a Chef

As an older sister your mom always expects you to cook for your siblings when she’s not around. You have become a master at cooking ramen and mac and cheese. You are also expected to have dinner started, so be prepared for that one.

Being a Chauffeur

As an older sister you will receive your license long before your siblings do, and as cool as you feel you don’t realize that you will be driving around your younger siblings until you pull your hair out.


With all the rolls older sisters play they really are the coolest people around 😉